Whether you’re a singer, songwriter, band or electronic artist, your music will benefit from professional, high quality mastering. At Little Devil Studios we use high quality analogue processing and some of the best digital has to offer to get your tracks sounding the best they can, ready for manufacture and distribution.



File Format – We can use audio formats up to 24bit, 192khz in quality. .wav & .aiff file formats are preferred, at the bit depth and sample rate you recorded and mixed them at. Stems of your mix may be requested to yield the best final results (at no extra cost).

Headroom – The temptation to make your mixdown as loud as possible can be detrimental to the mastering process. Intersample peaks, brick-wall limiting and ultra-high RMS levels reduce the processing options during mastering, and can result in negative sonic qualities that are ultimately uncorrectable. If you can bounce your mixes with peaks at -3dB full scale, that is a great start. If you can get those peaks down to -6dB full scale, you are sitting pretty with perfect headroom for mastering.

Stereo Bus Compression – That fraction of a decibel gain reduction across your stereo mix bus can provide the sonic cohesion that pulls your mix together. Compressor away! …but to ensure you have all our bases covered, an additional bounce of the mix with the stereo bus compressor bypassed can be a handy thing to have. Its easy to do it at the conclusion of the mix, than days, weeks or months later.


Check… and check again – Emphasising artefacts and raising the noise floor is an intrinsic characteristic related to increasing the loudness of your music. The “pop” of a dirty console switch, the “click” of a stray transient clipping, the “hiss” of an old analogue effects unit waiting for an audio signal… It isn’t just the music that becomes louder. Everything becomes louder! Automating channels and muting effects and groups when not in use will keep that noise level well out of the way. Run a sharp ear and keen eye over your music after mixdown for those stray peaks and pops. We will do it here as well, so nothing will slip through to the final master.

Labels and notes – Communication is what it is all about. Track titles, track orders, fade in/out instructions, mention of instruments you were having trouble with during mixdown, properly labelled files with mention of stereo bus compression. The list is endless. The move information you can give us, then harder we will work do getting the master to your specs.



  • Paris Club - 'Paris Club EP'
  • Day Ravies - 'Tussel'
  • Julia Why? - Just One Night
  • Day Ravies - 7
  • The Heart Attack Machines Self-Titled
  • Mope City - 'Halfway House'
  • Day Ravies - 'Under The Lamp'
  • Beef Jerk - 'Tragic'
  • The Cathy's Hysterical Monument
  • Ghastly Spats - Spinozism Exorcism