Sony DPS-V77 Impulse Responses

Sony DPS-V77

For many people the Sony DPS-V77 will be as close as they will get to the famed Sony DRE-2000. We had a DPS-V77 here at Little Devil Studios for a few weeks and took the opportunity to create an impulse response set for about 50 of the programs it contains. While we are incredibly happy with the way the impulses turned out, it should be noted that the DPS-V77 is one heck of a piece of gear. It goes well beyond the reverb programs we sampled. The device draws some all the best programs in the M7/R7/D7/F7 series of processors and bundles them together with an incredibly useful morph function that allows the unit to cross fade between two separate programs in real time. Consider this just a taste! Delays, EQs & filters, compressors and various modulators can all be accessed via the hardware and blended in very interesting ways with the standard reverb programs. If you cross paths with a DPS-V77, try and spend some time with it.

As usual, these Sony DPS-V77 impulse responses have been created in true stereo to match the capabilities of the hardware unit. All of the responses were recorded digitally via AES at 24 bit, 48khz. Unlike our previous Lexicon 224XL impulse responses, we used synchronous averaging when taking these measurements. Multiple sweeps were done  then averaged in order to better reflect any modulation within the original algorithms. Any issues, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line!

Sony DPS-V77 rear panel.
Sony DPS-V77 rear panel.



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  1. Nice work, it sounds great! I like it because its different of all others kind of Impulses (Like Lexicon and TC) another world! Thanks! Unfortunately, the presets are only for Protools (Avid) and Reverberate in .tfx, it would be so nice to have a generic version for Mac Reverberate (.fxb)! But hey you can not have everything, it’s already great to have this beautiful collection of Sony! Thanks a lot! Dan Inso

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