Lexicon 224XL Impulse Response Library


During a day of downtime we spent a few hours recording a Lexicon 224XL Impulse Response Library with our hardware 224XL. They are handy to have around! We listened to the 224XL side by side the respective convolution reverb plugin and created some presets using a drum mix. Some a really, really close in sound. Others not so much due to the degree of chorusing which Convolution Reverberation cannot mimic. One or two of the impulses also failed to capture the near infinite decay of the Lexicon presets. All of these impulses are true stereo and were recorded at 24 bit, 96kHz using a Lynx Aurora 16.


Waves IR-1 & IR-L – Waves own convolution reverb plugin offers true stereo functionality and a lot of great included impulse responses. Unfortunately the 224XL isn’t on the list! We created these impulses separately using the sine sweep that Waves provides. One of the really annoying aspects of the IR-1 & IR-L is the lack of any real user preset function. We found a way to work around this, so please follow the installation instructions within the separate download archives – if anyone can confirm the PC installation part it would be much appreciated.

Avid Space – Originally created by Trillium Labs, its pretty common to trip over an instance of Avid Space if working in Protools. It was recently given a visual update and rebranded to Avid with the release of Protools 11. Unlike Waves IR-1, Space really have the user preset features of the plugin down to an art. It is possible to added any folder of impulses on your computer to the list. It is also possible to save ten snapshots of settings & IR files per preset saved within Protools. It will even allow you to embed the IR into the preset file. Amazing! The only slightly odd aspect of the plugin is that it seemingly lacks signal level on the processed sound when using any third party impulse responses. To get around this, we crank the output & wet level faders in the plugin.

Liquidsonic Reverberate – It is possibly one of the quiet achievers in the convolution reverb world. It offers incredible features like two convolution engines per plugin (they will even work with two true stereo impulses!) and chorus/modulation controls… all for a RIDICULOUS 50 quid! Or jump in for free with Reverberate LE. It will even run via a graphics card that supports CUDA.




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  1. Thank you for these – it will be most interesting to hear how they stack up against my plugin version but getting in IR-1 is a real help for when DSP resources are low,. Incidentally – what should I download to use in AltiVerb 7 XL or Steinberg’s REVerence? Maybe even SIR2 (which is capable of true stereo from 4 responses L-L, L-R, R-L and R-R.
    I would also be interested very seriously in Quad versions created from the rear channel output on the hardware as well – maybe IR-360 format?

    1. It is my pleasure Neil! Please let me know what you think of them. Some of the IR’s will lack the movement and modulation in the tails compared to algorithmic reverbs, but that is just the nature of convolution. The true stereo wav files listed at the bottom of the download page should be suitable for most of convolution programs that support true stereo impulses. They still contain the four channels of audio, but are stereo rather than mono (left input -> left & right output, right input -> left and right output). If you need them to be four mono files rather than two stereo files, Audio Ease’s Snapper program (mac only) can very quickly separate them.

      There are no quad versions on the horizon just yet. Maybe one day, but we have a bunch of other stuff currently in the works that we need to knock over first (AKG BX impulses in particular!).

    1. Our pleasure! EMT240 impulses would be amazing! Feel free to drop us an email if you need a place to host them or you would like us to create some presets. We have received a few tips to improve the results of IR capture as well from people like Matt @ Liquidsonics that I would happily pass on.

    1. Hey there Paul! Absolutely. The social media bit was intended to get the impulses out in the world, rather than lock people out entirely. Drop me an email at info-aaaatttt-littledevilstudios-dooott- ccoom-dddottt-au, or shoot me a quick message via the contact form on this website and I will hook you up. The contact form was showing an error, but should be ready to roll now!

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